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Monday, 5 October 2015

I have been War Dec'd

Drama and excitement for my corp: Ironforge Commerce Guild.

The Background

So, i log in yesterday to post my sell orders and what do you know, i have been War Dec'd by an alliance called Chicken Wings.  Which is an alliance with one Corp called X-Com.

X-Com has 31 members.

And to be fair, they probably know what they are doing.  Certainly relative to a trader like myself.  I get nervous flying my Interceptor outside of Hi-Sec!

I can easily operate whilst docked and i suspect i could still undock in my interceptors etc.  But lets just say i will not be firing the guns here.

I sent a message to their CEO who politely replied that i would have to wait to see that their aim was.  Held out an option for me to make an offer to avoid all this.

So, what to do?  What offer to make?

It looks like Chicken Wings has War Dec'd a load of other Corps at the same time - so i suspect they are clearing out a system of highsec POS's or something similar.

Personally, i was not doing much with my small POS - just keeping it fuelled really, waiting for some spare time to look into what i can do.  Experimenting on ideas here and there.  Needless to say, i have taken down all the extra items but left the Tower up and fuelled.

Seems to me my options are:

1) Pack up my tower and leave (happy to do that)

2) Do nothing and see what happens

3) Recognise that i have 241bn ISK and hire someone to fight my corner

Lets see what happens.

All advice is greatfully received.


  1. Pack it up, if you pay them off they will re-deck, if you pay hisec mercs they will split the money redeck you and tell their mates. Blue balls is the only real option - or set up a dick star i.e. a fast shield regen set up making a pos bash a pain.

  2. Pack it in. Pack up the tower, and stop all communication with these assholes. Don't give them anything. If it does not alter your gameplay, ignore them.

    1. Good advice, until the fix the system this is the best strategy. Oh Great track, it was beautiful cheers!

  3. Don't hire mercs, they probably wont do anything for you. Like Vince said, pack it up, and don't even message them. They could take your payment, call it off and in a week do the same thing. So don't pay. It's already cost them 50mil to dec you. Let them waste their isk and just do what you can do from station for a week.

  4. What message do you want to send, not just to this attacker but the next one?

    Split your 6 member corp into up to 6 * 1 member corps, all with similar names. They will pay 6 times the wardec costs to dec 6 * 1 man corps than your existing corp.

    As Dermeisen said, setup a large pos initially as dickstar (high resist + ecm) but with way too many guns also anchored. If your pos is attacked and you are online, reconfigure your pos, grab 3 pos gunners and shoot back. Use a Gallente or Minmatar pos as they have a mix of powergrid/cpu.

    Pos gunners can either be in an NPC corp to join quickly, or you can 'quit corp' from a chat channel immediately without any delay.

    To be honest, I dont think they will shoot a stronted large tower with configuration options. (though worth checking zkillboard) If they do 2 pos gunners in a large tower can tie up a lot of pilots in highsec for a long time.

  5. Isn't it weird that you can make billions of isk and not make any enemies?

    If only you had some competition to focus on, you could then get involved with the convoluted schemes of undermining them.

    I'd ask them if they have a blog, or if they want to do an interview and share their thoughts on the day to day financing of being a privateer. If written up from a fiduciary perspective, it could be interesting or even illuminating. Maybe there's some opportunity in it.

  6. As Dermeisen suggested, set up your POS as a dickstar and let them bash it, if they really want to waste the time/effort to do so. For someone with billions of ISK like yourself, it isn't worth the hassle of taking down.

    Otherwise, just ignore the wardec and continue with your normal activities.

    If you need to fly around, then (a) use a clone without any implants, and (b) use a shuttle. Since CCP removed the SP clone costs, there isn't any reason to worry about getting podded, if you have no implants. And, if they try to camp you in station, then just jump to a clone in another station.

    Eventually, they will probably ask you to pay them some absurd ransom to get them to cancel the wardec. But, I would not bother - there isn't anything a wardec can do to really affect a market trader.

  7. Why are you in a player corp at the first place? Only your POS manager pilot should be wardeccable.

  8. My alt slots have characters with comparable skill sets to my main. The main gets war-decced, park it for a week and play the alt. (I was war-decced 4 times in 2014) The alt has no connection or trade with the main. Different name convention, difference region and different ship meta. Then I am back to playing the game how I want. The secret is not being too vested to the character. It is a means to an end.

    Oh and take down the tower if it is not too late.

  9. A quick look at their corp history on dotlan lists quite a few recent tower kills usually from 15-18 Apocalypse BS's. They are clearly capable of taking down towers. Either remove it or harden it such that its a real pain in the arse.

  10. Hire the mercs. Replace your small POS with a Dickstar and man the guns. See if the mercs will let you fly along with them on hits and raids. You have the Isk. Have fun with the wardec and embrace it! It will be a valuable experience and you will learn a lot. THIS...IS....EVE!!! (kicks whiners into a well!)