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Saturday, 19 September 2015

New Economic Data about to be published in Eve Online

Hat tip to delonewolf at the Eve Talk for spotting this.

CCPQuant was on the O7 show yesterday (18 September) and announced that the project he had been working on was to do with releasing new Eve Online economic data into the community.

Currently, the plan is for a monthly graphical report showing:

  • ISK sinks and faucets (i.e. a complete summary of the ISK coming in and out of the system)
  • Trade deficit by region (i.e. imports and exports by region)
  • Production and Destruction
  • Various indices like CPI, Gross User Product
  • Total ISK traded daily
CCPQuant is looking for feedback for further ideas.

His part starts at 28:36 in the youtube video below:

Personally, i am looking forwards to this data.

Not yet sure what additional data i would like to see but i am sure there will end up being a whole section on the Plex price!

Edit: corrected to CCPQuant (instead of CCP Guard).


  1. I am looking forward to this as well what got me into it was two of my economics professor is talking about it.

  2. According to the CSM summit notes, CCPquant is the guy behind it, not CCPguard.

    1. Ah, the show also shows CCPquant.... its amazing though to get these numbers.

    2. No edit button?.... where is the feedback thread located?

    3. ah, good spot - updated the post. thanks.