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Sunday, 17 January 2016

i was ganked - back a while ago

I found this lurking in my drafts from quite a while ago (ok, a few months at best).

A fine example of me not practicing what i preach and thinking i could quickly move some raw materials to my production facilities in Sobesaki.

Bottom line is that my T1 Indi was trying to carry 400m ISK of raw materials and got ganked warping off the gate after the jump.

What i like about Eve is the willingness of the players to talk about it and provide advice . . . . . . see below:

Some good advice on why 100m is the limit.

Baldrick UK > ouch
Koselig > Never move more than 100m in a t1 indy
Raidjinn > no never move more than 20mil
Baldrick UK > good points
Baldrick UK > how much was i moving?  400m?
Koselig > Abit over 400m
Baldrick UK > ah, hope you got enough of it :)
Koselig > Vexors usually kill stuff 120++ and nadoes from 250 and up, depending on how bored they are
Baldrick UK > ok, thanks for all that
Koselig > Nice doing business with you and good luck in the future. Im off to bed. I hope you will prosper in the future
Baldrick UK > thanks @)
Baldrick UK > )
Koselig > Check out freight services btw, lots cheaper than getting ganked :P
Koselig > o/

Way back in May 2013 i was advising using Courier Contracts for cargo over 100m ISK.  I should take my own advice!


  1. Yeah, this: is not smart for hauling anything but veldspar, and that's only assuming you don't have a miasmos on hand. Even a fully tanked Nereus is disappointingly weak.

    With hyperdunking more or less dead, quarter million ehp DSTs can move a bit more freely, but they align almost as slow as a freighter.

  2. Ouch indeed. But I've had it happen plenty of times myself.

    These days I'm too lazy to do my own hauling and use couriers 99% of the time.

    Although I'm training up an alt as a JF pilot, for a new idea I'm working on in Null