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Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Courier Contracts

Well the day came 11 days into my trading career when i came back to find i had made sales of 130m isk and therefore i would be having to haul over 100m isk of items back from Jita to Dodixie to reinvest the proceeds onto the market.

100m isk has been my cut off where i believe i become a viable target to be ganked . . . . . . . that 100m isk boundary is very old, about 6 years old, but probably still works today.

Why would a courier fly 15 jumps for 3m isk?

a number of reasons i suspect my contract is attractive to a courier:

1) any courier worth their salt is not going to be ganked from Jita to Dodixie - so this is a question of time taken to earn 3m, not risk taken

2) my items take up next to no cargo space so it could easily be added onto a series of other contracts being hauled and the courier is merely adding a nice little 3m isk for doing a journey they were already planning to do

3) given the small cargo space required, relatively low collateral an highsec journey then presumably this contract is open to just about the widest audience possible.

Public Contract issued

Hence, i flew over to Jita, bought my items, set up a public contract to haul 130m isk of items back to Dodixie for a 3m isk reward.

Set my ship onto auto pilot to fly back to Dodixie and the courier beat me there!

In all, this was done as quick as i could have done it myself if i had successfully hauled the items.  And all for a merely 3m isk.

Not using Private Courier Contracts yet - not competitive

The courier corporations PushX and Red Frog would have charged me 13m and 33m, respectively - so at this level of items to courier they are not competitive.

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