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Thursday, 7 March 2019

Left the game and distributed my wealth in 2016/2017.

An update: towards the end of 2016 i decided to move on - work getting way too busy and starting a family.  I was still keeping to an hour a day at most on Eve but even that was proving too hard to fit in.

(. . . . . . surprised i did not put a post on my blog about this, sort of found a half completed draft lying in the blog that needed more work put into it before posting)

Hence in early 2017 I liquidated everything I had and distributed what was about 420bn in ISK, Plex and assets to a few people that i had enjoyed their services of.  For example, players who produced video casts or blogs.

I have to say i really enjoyed my time.  Had a few regrets, namely not joining a fighting corp but i suspect i would not have had sufficient time to devote to it.

And, to be fair, towards the end of my time i was spending too much of it wandering around null sec in my cloaked ship rather than focusing on the economy side of the game.

On and off i have kept an eye on the game and so far i have not found or heard of a better game for those who like to play the economy side of things.

I am saying this now because i have had an itch over the last few months to see if i can play the economy again, starting from zero and new characters.  More on that in later posts.


  1. Replies
    1. I hope so, i remember those days i played with fond memories and enjoyed putting it all down on this blog.

  2. Enjoyed your blog previously. Will be interesting following any of your future endeavors.

    1. thank you - i will find it interesting to see what has changed and how this has affected the economy

  3. Welcome back. Hope to read again your financial analysis

    1. If you mean the financial analysis of CCP - that may be a while before i get round to it. Technically i have the 2017 and soon the 2018 accounts to review.