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Monday, 31 August 2020

Corporation Set Up: General Commerce and Industry

The time has come to set up a Corporation to make life easier and safer to haul items from Jita to Dodixie.

Now that the items i transport from Jita are approaching 80m isk i have decided to move to Contracts to get them couriered from Jita to Dodixie.

For those that don't know, this means contracting out to a third party to haul my items from Jita to Dodixie.  The hauler puts up collateral in isk to the level i specify  and if the hauler successfully delivers the items they are awarded the fee i offered and get their collateral back.  If the hauler fails then i get the collateral.  So, typically i set the collateral at the cost of the items +10%.

It is a lot safer and not too much cost at all.

At the moment, i am offering 1.5% of the collateral as a Reward.  With 1 day to claim plus 1 day to deliver.  So far, i get the items within an hour or so of setting up the Contract.

Maybe i should reduce the Reward to 1% - i suspect with the trade route from Jita to Amarr closed for now due to the invasion then more haulers will be focusing on the remaining Trade routes.  And my items rarely take up more than 100m3, so a small fast ship can do them very easily.

I already have an alt with no skills based in Jita - so he can have one contract running at a time.

To make this a smooth process i set up a Corporation with both my Main and Alt as members.

The Main at Dodixie will transfer surplus isk to the Corporation.  The Alt in Jita will then buy the items on behalf of the Corporation.

Therefore, neither the Main nor the Alt need ever leave their stations to conduct trading for now.

The Corporation is imaginatively called General Commerce and Industry.

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