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Saturday, 22 August 2020

Starting Again - third time

There i was, effectively out of the game with real life / work life very busy and a friend of mine whispers in my ear that he has "retarted Eve Online" and is going to focus on the Industrial side of life.

. . . . . and that was too much for me to resist.

So, lets see how this goes.

I will start again.

Spend strictly no more than 45 minutes per day.

This time i want to explore more than trading but i want trading to create the underlying the cash to be able to play for free and to explore all other expects of the economy.

Hence, i suspect trading will be the focus for a few months before i move onto other matters.

I will also doubtless need to pay for at least the first month.

Downloading the game now . . . .  .

. . . . .though maybe kickoff next weekend.


  1. Welcome Back, how much did you make in the end?

    Also, Niarja is low a triglavian system and I would venture too dangerous to travel through these days, as such you need to do 45 jumps from Jita to Amarr to avoid that system.

    That route alos takes you through 2 Edencom control invsation systems, yu need to be neutral to them or the guns they place on the gates will destroy your ship.

    1. Last time i made about 60bn in 6 months.

      Seems much has changed since even September 2019

  2. yay!

    Looking forward to this, as was following your efforts last year until I assumed you got busy.

    1. yep - life got busy but i found i missed the game too much! This time want to explore more areas of Industry