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Sunday, 14 March 2021

Market is surprising strong at present

At the end of February i remarked that the markets had picked up again, but not enough to get me my 10bn isk after paying for the monthly omega account.

Well, this state of affairs has continued.

Hoping i am not putting an end to it all but my daily profits are currently 575m and spread over typical items i sell in Ship Equipment, Ship Modifications, Skills and Implants.  Blueprints though are not really selling at all.

So, over the first 13 days of March i have made 7.5bn isk profits.

I am racing to get my amarr character to Level 5 in all the relevant Trade Skills to bring the cost of trading as low as possible.  Currently he is Level 5 in Accounting and Broker Relations, and 7 days away from Level 5 in Advanced Broker Relations.

It worth thinking about the 575m isk per day profit.

The temptation is to sell items that i can buy from Jita for 200m and sell for 270m to make by 25% profit margin).

But if i buy items for 12m from Jita and Sell for 35m then that is 23m profit less Broker Fees of 1.3m + Sales Tax of 1.0m + courier cost 0.7m gives profit of 20m.  That is 4% of the 575m isk and there is absolutely no competition in this item and it sells every time i put one up.

So, for now, i am not abandoning this low value but good stream of profits.

What i am doing though is exploring more in implants and i am starting to sell the higher value ones where there is no competition.  I am hoping that as i stock the items for sale then buyers will bite.  Lets see.  It is a risk, perhaps the reason there were none for sale is because there were never any buyers!

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