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Saturday, 27 February 2021

Markets picked up again

Since i wrote my post on 11 February commenting on the slow market, within a few days the market really picked up again.

I dont think this will be a great month for me but my sales over the last 2 weeks have been strong.

I was looking like i would only make 4.5bn isk in February which, after paying the 1.2bn for 500 plex to get the account to omega, would not leave me with much.

As i write this now, i will make at least 10bn isk which will more than cover the 1.2bn plex but wont allow me to make my 10bn isk target after paying for the plex.

Of course, i still have two more days but i have to take into account that on the final day i make sure all my market prices are the lowest available which can cost me up to 1bn isk in writedowns.

Looks like i will have to wait for March for my wealth to get to 50bn, from a standing start at the end of August 2020.  To be honest, it has been slower going than i thought.

Much like that post, i don't really have an explanation for either the slowdown or the pickup.

I am all ears for suggestions.

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