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Sunday, 4 April 2021

Cheap Office Rental

At the back end of Eve, at a place i occasionally go to pick up some blueprints that are seeded there, i noticed that the current office rental fee was a mere 47k isk per month.  Never seen it so cheap.

Increasingly, as a i travel there through low sec and null sec i am seeing less and less players on the route.

What is an Office in Eve Online?

A headquarters is just a designation and does not come with anything tangible.

Offices though is an actual physical location in Eve in a npc or player station.  With this comes corporation hangers where all members of the corporation can access and so is part of the process of making items available to all or certain players.  For example, for production.

A corporation can rent as many offices as it wants though only one per station.

NPC stations are limited to 24 offices, player build stations are limited by type.

How are the fees decided?

The rental fee moves with demand.  If all offices are taken up, the rental fee rises by 5%.  If one office is available the price is flat and if two or more are available the price declines driven by how many are available.  The minimum rent is 10l isk per month.

So, if all the offices are taken up all month then a monthly fee will rise by 354% (5% every day for 31 days).

Rents are paid in advance.  No payment then the office is lost.

As far as i am aware, you can't remotely check the office rental fee.  You have to be in the station.

In player built stations, the owner decides the fee.

So, why is that office at the back end of Eve so cheap?

Because, for my corporation to benefit from it i would need my corp members to be there relatively often.  And that is never the case.  And i suspect it is only the case for a few corporations that operate in that part of Eve.  But certainly not 24.

I can see it falling to 10k isk per month at some stage.

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