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Saturday, 24 April 2021

EveEconomy website updated for the March 2021 Monthly Economy Data

The Eve Economy website has been updated for the March 2021 monthly economic data which was just released by ccp

The site takes the monthly economic data for Eve Online provided by CCP and puts it all together in charts so that we may get a better understanding about the economy of Eve.

The pdf chartbook on the home page has 241 slides covering all the charts:
  • Section 1: Daily data from 2012 onwards
  • Section 2: Wealth in the Eve Economy
  • Section 3: Top level Regional Data
  • Section 4: Discrepancy charts - showing that the daily data is not reconciling with the monthly Regional data
  • Section 5: Regional data for each region from 2016 onwards
  • Section 6: Faucets and Sinks
  • Section 7: Discontinued Sinks and Faucets
  • Section 8: Economic Indices
  • Section 9: Interesting observations
  • Section 10: State of PVP
  • Section 11: State of PVP by Region

The chart pack looks at each and every region, including regions that have been and gone.

Quick Summary

I will take a closer look in over the next few days but the main items of note i can see are:

1) Total ISK in Eve has now been flat for 2 years (slide 4 in the charts on the website)

2) But production goes on and exceeds destruction so the total wealth in the Eve economy continues to rise and so ISK as a % of all Assets continues to fall though remains over 15%.  (slide 19 in the charts on the website)

3) Trading, Bounties, Mining, Production and Destruction all rose in March - though March does have 10% more days.  (slide 35 in the charts on the website)

4) Faucets exceeded sinks as they have done every month except for three.  Again, the active isk delta (inactive accounts etc) was negative leaving a small inflow of ISK into Eve.  (slide 125 in the charts on the website)

5) Mineral Prices continue to move higher (slide 142 in the charts on the website)

6) Destruction of mining ships continues to rise, capsule destruction remains high (so PVP remains high?), Transport ship destruction remains high but falling (slide 147 and 148 in the charts on the website)

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