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Wednesday, 8 December 2021

First time sales from one character over 10bn isk in a day

Just thought i would mention it.

Whilst i have had a few days where sales across all my characters have been over 10bn, yesterday was the first day that one character had sales of over 10bn.

In total, my characters in Jita / Dodixie / Amarr / Rens / Hek / Tash-Murkon made total sales of 16bn isk.

A record for me.

May be a while before i see that again, the 10bn isk character generated these sales because someone came along and bought all their blueprints out.  So perhaps unlikely to happen again.

The really good news is that it was the alt in Hek, a new trade hub for me that did this.  The Hek / Rens alts are delivering the isk and was well worth starting them up.

So far December is looking ok to good.  Fingers crossed for another good month of over 20bn increase in wealth.


  1. Nicely done. Are you still updating orders every single day? It seems that would quickly crush your margins.

  2. Once i get all my alts to Level 5 Broker Relations and Advanced Broker Relations then i will have a better idea of that.

    At the moment, Broker fees all in cost me 3.1% of sales. At a guess, it feels like Amarr is where the most aggressive competition is.

    But given my item margins (profit on sale of an item before any costs) is 25% then i still have room for these costs.

    Overall, by margins come down to 15% once Sales taxes, Broker fees and Courier costs are taken into account.