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Sunday, 19 December 2021

Over 1 Trillion of Sales so far in 2021

 I just watched "My Year in Eve" which is for the first eleven months of the year.

Total ISK value of sales was over one trillion:

Frustratingly, whilst the Eve video captures all my alts (it looks like it assumes every Eve account with the same email address is linked) it does not capture my Corporation.

It is the Corporation that makes the purchases vs the alts that make the sales.

So, Sales is the only measure Eve will really show me on my business.

That all said, over 500bn of the sales have come in the last four months (August - November) which reflects the changes Eve has made.

It has been a good time so far and December will be my best month yet.  If things don't slow down too much over the holiday period then perhaps i can make more than 50bn isk this month!

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