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Monday, 7 February 2022

First day in February of Sales over 10bn ISK

Yesterday, for the first time in February sales were over 10bn.  Coming in at 13.4bn.

After all fees and costs that increases my wealth by 2.2bn ISK.

Nice spread across my characters.  Three did over 3bn ISK and 4 close to a billion ISK.

Good spread of items sold.  Broad based.  No obvious theme.

I then had 16bn of items couriered from Jita and elsewhere out to my trade locations to put on to sell.

I suspect i wont bore you if sales get over 10bn again this month.  It only happened twice in January - in the final week.

I once did over 15bn but never so far 20bn.

Now that i have 4 trading hubs in full operation and am ramping up 2 more secondary locations and still have alpha alts in 7 other locations . . . . . . lets see if i manage to do a daily sale of over 20bn ISK.