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Tuesday, 1 February 2022

Upgrading to a third Omega Account

My Current Business Footprint in Eve

As well as Omega Trading Alts in the main Trade Hubs of Amarr, Dodixie, Rens and Hek (and Jita though i don't Sell there much) i have had Alpha accounts in a number of other locations to see if i can set up more Trading locations.

In all, i have 8 other locations in operation and the plan is to see which work and for those that do see if i can make them into Omega accounts.

These locations are very low competition and so setting up an Omega account (and so having more than 17 Sales slots) should be very low effort on my part.

For new readers, alpha accounts play for free.  Omega accounts can either be paid for using rl money or ingame currency.

The criteria to move from Alpha to Omega

For a location (or account) to work i need to make at least 10bn ISK of sales because at full Trade Skills that would generate 1.8bn ISK of profit which will pay for the Plex bought ingame to upgrade to Omega each month.

Two alts make the cut

The January data is in and my alt at Tash-Murkon Prime made 15bn ISK of sales and my alt at Sobaseki made 16bn ISK of sales.  At full trade skills that would make me 5.1bn isk so easily cover the cost of a Plex.

Now, i could split them into two accounts and have two Omega upgrades but i think for now i will combine them to one account and see how it goes.  I am not sure if the strong markets of December / January will continue.

The alts are split over two accounts for now, so i will need to delist all the items Tash-Murkon and fly in the alt that is in the same account as the Sobaseki alt to relist the items and so to put those two in the same account

The ramp up

I will buy a Plex today and then again in the middle of the month which will be my standard Plex upgrade time for all accounts.

It will take me 2 to 4 months to get this third Omega account up to speed.  I need to train each alt to full trade skills and stock up each location.

I will go slow on working out what sells well.

I am hoping that these accounts are really low competition and so will take minimal time to maintain.  Of course, the other side of that coin is that the profits will be low - but i am happy with that, as long as the Plex is paid for and more.

Of course, the third alt in the account will be based in Jita to buy the items required.  I could have one alt in Jita for all my Omega accounts but it is easier to have one per account (the game hud keeps account data together so that one alt can use the market data of another) and the Jita alt can be trained into Manufacturing et al once the Trading alts are fully trained.

Lets see how this goes.


  1. Why dont you use an Alpha in Jita to buy the stuff and do the corporation contracts out to the others (they can do more than one contract) and the the omega in Jita now can be your Sobaseki seller

  2. I just read the rest of it where you have a Jita buyer per account, not sure of the advantage of that especially as you can copy and paste your quick bar easily between different accounts

    1. for sure, if there was a really easy way of sending/copying the orders from all alts from all accounts to the one alt in Jita i would do that.

      I know i can replace files on my PC to copy the quickbar but that is a little cumbersome and i think i lose the Jita alts quickbar in the process?

  3. You already can copy/paste the quick bar from within game, the icon on the right click and copy quick bar, then in the other client click the 2nd icon on the left and replae quickbar items.

    You can even do this on alphas where you can only have 1 client open at a time, just open alpa A, copy quickbar, open alpha B, paste quickbar