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Wednesday, 13 July 2022

Summer Slow Markets

The markets still feel really slow to me, so i took a check to see how i was doing in July.

Normally i just let the month run and add up the score at the end - but i am curious.

Not as bad as feared - i am making daily profits before investment in Plex of 770m.  I know i want achieve the 1bn daily profit target i really have in July.  And if last year is anything to go by, August will be slow also.

770m per day, if i continue at this rate, will get me 24bn profit for July and then i need to invest 6bn in Plex.  So a real danger that i fall below 20bn when i compare my wealth to the end of June.  Lets see.

Like June, i suspect my margins are higher so whilst sales can be slow, my profits can remain ok.

Its an odd month so far.  My alpha accounts which can only put 17 items up for sale are operate outside the main Trade Hubs are doing ok but some of my Omega accounts in Trade Hubs are really slow.

Summer slowness.

As delonewolf says in his excellent weekly youtube show Eve Talk which i have covered before - in northern Europe this time of year there is light in the evenings and sunshine during the day and so people do like to get out more.

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  1. I take you dont work for a living with all these alts?