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Saturday, 30 July 2022

Useful Videos for Haulers: Macgybo - youtube videos on ganking

I came across an Eve youtuber called MacGybo.

He is a ganker focusing on haulers.

Very easy listening voice.  Calm.

I found it really interesting to watch his videos and listen to what he says.  Very useful, i think, for haulers who run the gauntlet of gankers at every gate and station.

I also found it interesting to see the economics behind it and why ganking is so profitable in part because it relies on haulers getting the cargo value / hauler tank equation wrong and in part because it relies on haulers not thinking their protection through.

Each video is 20-30 mins and full of multiple kills over one session.

The content

Macgybo talks about what type of ships he goes for, what equipment a hauler can best use to reduce their chances of being attacked and what equipment can be used for reducing the chances of a successful attack.

It also talks about his set up - 3 ships: 1 scout; the attack ship and the salvager.

And how the attack goes down - the scout ship watching what's incoming, the decision process to attack, the attack, the salvage and then docking up to count the winnings.

And he knows his haulers very well - their strong points and their weak points.

The main observation Macgybo seems to have is that haulers prioritise cargo expansion over protection.

He has been going for a year, still wears his covid mask and operates in a hoody.  All adds to the pirate atmosphere.

Example Video

this last video is really good - talks about what he has to do to decide to make an attack and then talks about what his victims could have done better.

From this video, 6:22 in is one of the attacks where Macgybo talks about the decision to attack, makes the attack and scoops it all up

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