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Wednesday, 10 August 2022

Plex at 4.4m translates to 2.2bn to Plex an account for 30 days

Around about this time of the month i buy the 1500 Plex i need to keep my three main trading accounts at Omega for another 30 days.

I was somewhat surprised to see that i was having to pay 4.4m per Plex which therefore meant paying 2.2bn isk to keep one account at Omega for 30 days.

So, for me, that was 6.6bn isk spent over the three accounts.


At the start of 2022 i was paying 2.9m per plex (=1.5bn per Omega account).

Many others have given their more insightful views as to why the price of Plex is rising.

I suspect in part to entice players to spend real life money on buying Plex because it is giving more ISK and in part i suspect there are less players around to buy the Plex anyway which means less available for players like myself to buy.

These two views look contradictory - though may also reflect CCP pushing the price lever in the absence of volume.  Not unlike putting up the price of the game recently.

What this means for my business

However, this does move the dials a bit when i think about what i need to do to make my targets.

The main target is to make 10bn isk per month after plex: that means making 17bn isk profits per month before Plex costs which therefore means i need to make 101bn isk sales to cover all the other costs and assume my 25% margins hold.  I.e i need to make 3.4bn isk sales per day.

My secondary target is to make 1bn isk profit per day after plex: that means making 37bn isk profits per month which backs into 223bn isk sales per month to cover all costs and again assuming my 25% margins hold.  I.e. i need to make 7.4bn isk per day.

4300 Plex in storage

I currently hold 4300 Plex for a rainy day - but this is for periods where i may stop playing rather than to cover a high cost.

I honestly don't know if 4.4m per Plex is expensive or not.  So, for now, i will buy what i need and gently add to storage if i get spare ISK.

I should really have 6 months of Plex in Store.  That means i need to hold 9000 Plex.

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