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Monday 17 October 2022

Sales of 20bn isk - 2 days in a row

Doing 10bn isk of sales in a day is now quite common.  But doing 20bn isk of sales is relatively rare.

So i was pleasantly surprised when i did 20bn isk of sales on both Saturday and Sunday this week.

What does that mean for my wealth?

For every billion sales i make around 164m isk, likely more.

Hence, 20bn isk of sales means my wealth increases by 3.2bn isk (before plex costs to omega the account) in a day.

Hence, over two days my wealth rose by around 6.5-7bn isk.

What is selling?

The kicker to getting to 20bn isk is Blueprint sales.

Overall, Blueprints are still my slowest selling type.  Indeed, on a Saturday evening i drop the price of every item by one tick with less than 10 days left to sell - the cost to change the price is much less than the cost to relist an expired item, as i detailed in this post back in April

But for now i seem to be selling more than normal.  Hard to know what to read into this.

Families of implants are doing well - again a bit more than normal.

Deadspace and Faction items are doing ok but nothing special.

Mining items are ok but i am largely competed out of these items for now.

What to read into this?

I am not sure.

Perhaps players returning.  Perhaps the new weekend option kicking in.

One thing for sure though is that the general inflation in the game is not putting people off making purchases - or at least i don't detect any headwinds.

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