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Wednesday 22 March 2023

Eve Excel add-in

I am beta testing the excel add-in and so far i like what i see.

This will really allow players to more readily use data to get more involved in Industry and keep track of your Characters and Corporation more generally.  All of this could be done before but now much less coding / excel knowledge is required.

There is no NDA - and plenty of market commentators are showing examples on their streams.

The best way to think about it for now is that it gives the same data you get into the Eve Portal app.  Though, i can see how it can be used for much more.

The data comes straight into a spreadsheet - there is a limit on how much data can come in at any one time before more is added.  But not too long between additions.

Works on Excel, the free Excel (only web based), on MAC and PC.

You need to add characters by logging in - but that is all very intuitive.

Example excel formulas

=EVEONLINE.CHARACTER_ORDERS(<char_id>) - will pull into excel a column of all Buy and Sell orders from one of your characters.

=EVEONLINE.CHARACTER_ORDERS(<char_id>).price will show the price that the Buy or Sell order is at.

So far, pretty basic stuff and very intuitive.

It can get tricky though:

=MIN(FILTER(EVEONLINE.MARKET_ORDERS(10000002, <item_id>),EVEONLINE.MARKET_ORDERS(10000002, <item_id>).transaction_type="SELL").price is what is currently required to show the lowest Sell Order price for an item in Jita (this is the formula i use to value assets i hold).

What have i done so far

So far, i have built a spreadsheet that tells me my wealth: Adds up all my Sell and Buy orders across my 14 Traders (8 Omega alts and 6 alpha alts); adds up the value of my assets; adds in the value of the ISK held by the alts and the ISK held by my corporation.

The thing it won't do for now is capture any assets delivered by courier contract into a Corporation Delivery Hanger and it can't capture the Plex in the Plex Wallet.  That may change.

Also, some things could be ironed out, for example the excel formula to find the lowest Sell Price or Highest Buy price in a station is a bit intensive.  I am sure they will be.

If you have a big spreadsheet like i do that cane take a minute or so to update, best to put your formulas to "manual" and so the data updates when you want it to rather than every time you come out of a cell.

Current videos on the add-in

Talking in Stations has one (bias to the Industrial side of life, using Blueprints): Eve x Excel for Dummies


For what it is worth, my wealth as i write this post is now 916bn isk, so an increase of 48bn vs end of February.  Maybe i can make March a 70bn increase in wealth month.  Lets see.

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  1. I've had issues with the one they shared, since none of the formulas work.

    But I also don't have acces to the forums for some reason with none of my accounts, so can't actually get help troubleshooting.

    I guess I should give it another go I figured it would be very useful for industry