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Monday 27 March 2023

Trick Buy Orders or borderline scamming or more?

Anyone who puts Sell Orders on the market will see this.

The below image shows it well.  I am putting up a Sell Order in Dodixie to sell a couple of Small Consortium Vorton Projectors.  The last Sale price in the history was 394,900,000.  There is an existing Buy order there for 39,490,000.

Immediately you can see the game here.  The Buyer is not putting up a low priced order for low priced sake.  The Buyer is trying to trick any sellers into misreading the Buy price into thinking it is 394,900,000.

As you can see, i spotted it and did not fall for it.

Clearly, it is a trick Buy order and outright Scam.  Some might say an exploit.

It is also annoying.  The Sell Price in my Sell window defaults to the Buy Order price.  If no Buy Order is there then it would default to one tick above the last Sale Price i had.

So i need to input the correct price which adds to the time taken to post Orders.

But, it is all part of the rough and tumble of Eve.

And for those players that make a success of it - there is now Highsec Buyback that will pay 90% of Jita Buy price anywhere in Eve highsec NPC stations.  So no longer does the player need to transport their ill gotten gains to Jita to sell, the ISK will come to them immediately.

1 comment:

  1. I am not sure that is an exploit, but you do need to be careful of such things.

    one thing I am finding is that people trash the prices of the items that are being sold, often i see a new sell price that can be 20m or more less than the nearest other sell price. On slow moving items this can be a real pain.

    Do you take those orders down and ship them back to Jita, do you adjust to meet to new really low price, or wait it out?