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Thursday, 8 June 2023

Eden Trade - another market trader

Eden Trade, a market trillionaire, has two recent talks where he goes through his strategy that yields him 2bn profits a day.

Two recent shows to watch

Firstly, he was on the Oz Show - Interview with Eden Trade where he talks for over an hour with Oz about his trading strategies supported by slides.

Secondly, in Eve University he game a class Large Scale Trading for just over an hour talking about his operations with large scale trading.  Again, supported by slides.

Both are in depth talks where Eden is up front and frank about how he does it.

His Operations

Eden started his market activities 4 years ago by building Trade Hubs.  Now has 15,000 orders (yes, 15 thousand) valued at 1 trillion.  His operation does 2500 transactions a day.

Like me, he buys from Sell Orders in Jita - it is quicker than putting up a Buy Order.

He uses spreadsheets and links them in with the game to speed up the Buying process.

He has 20 Omega Accounts.

Generates revenues of 5-7bn and profits of 2bn (those are superb margins).

Where can Eden Trade be found?

Eden Trade can be found in Discord and youtube.

And i understand is doing a presentation at Fanfest in September.

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