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Tuesday 27 June 2023

The Omega + MCT deal on the New Eden Store = brilliant offer

Right off the bat, this offer has either come to an end or been withdrawn by CCP.

Strange Net goes through it all and below is my writeup of the maths and me going for it.

What was on offer?

On the ingame store, the New Eden Store, CCP was offering Omega deals + Multiple Character Training (3 characters) bundle.

This was a brilliant deal

The table below shows what was on offer:

To explain the table, take the first row:

CCP was offering 1 month Omega + 2 Multiple Character Training certificates for 600 Plex.

The normal cost of 1 month Omega, shown in the table in the next section, is 500 Plex.

In other words, it would cost 100 Plex for 2 Multiple Character Training certificates which comes to 50 Plex per month across the Account.

50 Plex at 5.2m isk costs 260m isk.  Multiple Character Training certificates on the market costs 4bn isk or, in the ingame store costs 350 Plex.

I went for it

I was coming up to the point where i had to renew my 3 month Omega across my 4 Accounts anyway but i was waiting for the Plex price to fall to 4.6m (i had sold all my Plex when it spike to 5.4m in a recent deal).

However, even with Plex at 5.2m i decided that this deal was too good to miss and went for it.

Therefore, i spent 28bn isk to buy the 3 month omega + 6 month MCT across 4 accounts.

How to think of this deal

I was always going to buy the 3 month Omega anyway - so that is a sunk cost.  Therefore, it is what i pay for Multiple Character Training that i focus on.

In effect, i bought 6 Multiple Character Training certificates  in 4 Accounts for 600 Plex = 3.1bn isk.

If i had bought this in the market, i would be paying 2bn isk per character per month.  I other words, 2bn x 8 characters x 3 months = 48 bn isk or, in the ingame store, i would pay 1500 Plex x 4 Accounts = 6000 Plex.

Which ever way i look at it, i got around a 90% discount.

Entering the Skill farming market

Now, i have 11 characters that have more than 5.5m skill points (the amount required before skill points can be extracted).

Each character generates 37.5 skill points a minute (i have not maxed them out by mapping, merely got the best implants).

That means, over 3 months i can generate 53m skill points:

Each skill extractor can take 500,000 skill points so i will need around 107 skill extractors.

Today, the difference in price between a Skill Extractor and Skill Injector is 400m isk.  If that difference holds (i doubt it, but lets dream) then over 3 months i would generate 42bn isk before Broker Fees and Transaction Taxes.

Easily covering the 3.1bn outlay.

This has to be the best deal i have seen.

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