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Saturday 12 August 2023

Nice deal - 25 free Plex / 10 days Omega for 10 Plex

Its a small deal on the New Eden Store but not to be missed

Firstly to note, this is available to Alpha and Omega accounts.

CCP are giving all accounts that claim it 25 free Plex and also all accounts can buy 10 days of Omega for 10 Plex.

So, this is self financing: CCP are effectively giving everyone 10 days of Omega and 15 Plex.

Basically CCP are giving ISK for free here

25 plex at 4.7m = 118m isk.

But, that is small fry.  It is the conversion to Omega that makes this deal work spectacularly.

One month Omega = 500 Plex at 4.7m = 2.4bn isk.  So 10 days for free is equivalent to 780m isk.  Add in the remaining 15 Plex (=70m isk) then CCP is giving the equivalent of 780+70 = 850m isk to every account.

So, what did i do?

For my Omega accounts i took the 25 free plex and spent 10 Plex buying the 10 Omega Days.  So, leaves 15 Plex with each of the Omega accounts.

So my Omega accounts have made 850 x 4 = 3.4bn isk for free.

For the Alpha accounts i took the 25 free plex only = 118 x 3 = 350m isk.

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