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Wednesday 2 August 2023

The Oz Tank Show

The Oz Tank Show

Oz, the host of Oz Show / Oz Report in Twitch / youtube has launched a new show called The Oz Tank on the same platforms.

The idea is that other Eve players who want to raise some isk for a project can come and pitch their idea on the show.  20 minutes per pitch which is a 10 minute presentation and 10 minute questions from the investors.

There is no requirement for these projects to make a return.  They can or they can not.  All part of the pitch.

Oz and the other Investors (so Eve trillionaires) will then decide if they want to contribute and how much.

The first show was last Saturday (29 July 2023) where the ideas pitched were to host an Eve music contest, run a Bounty system, start a newbie wormhole corporation, run fleets to destroy leftover towers and put down a new trading station in Perimeter.

The youtube of the first Oz Tank show is just over 2 hours long but a good watch,

Went very well, i thought.

In all, 115bn isk was marked down to be provided across those 5 projects.

What does this mean for me?

I am now worth 1.2 trillion isk and it would take me about 1 year to get to 2 trillion, likely less.  But that is very boring.

Therefore, i have decided to give the lower of what i make in a month after all costs or 50bn isk or what is asked for each month to the show.

On Saturday i agreed to finance 42.5bn isk worth.

To put that in context, in July, a normally slow month, i made 54bn isk of which i have now marked 42.5bn to go to these projects.

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