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Sunday 29 October 2023

Becoming a trillionaire - Fanfest 2023 Talk by Eden Trade

At this year's Fanfest, Eden Trade gave a talk on how he became a trillionaire in Eve, titled "becoming a tycoon".

Well worth listening to, good slides, very open and takes 45 minutes.

The Journey started in 2019 and today Eden Trade is making 60bn isk profits per month and is aiming for 100bn per month.  He has 60 trade characters, so thats 20 accounts that be spends 40-50bn isk per month for Omega.

There are always three parts to this type of talk i enjoy

1) the strategy and the evolution of the business model from the start to today

2) the excitement of the journey as milestones are reached, the ups & downs and then the 1 trillion is hit.

3) future plans

The Strategy and Business Model

The strategy of Eden Trade is to create new market hubs in High Sec outside of the main trading hubs and to sell items that have decent daily volume.

He buys from Sell Orders in Jita, has the items couriered to his Trade locations and puts them up for sale for around a 25% market up.

He faces next to no competition and so has great sales and profit margins.

He is very open, he shows us where is trade locations are and what he typically sells (ammo is the second biggest item!, Rigs the highest, weapons in number three followed by mining equipment).

He goes through how his strategy and business model has evolved over time and a more recent inclusion of a data person will likely result in a further evolution of the business model to move away from items that don't sell.

And good slides on the lessons he has learned, how he chose the locations.

In summary, he is filling a gap in the market where demand clearly exists.  Like me, he exists because people will value their time highly and so will not make the journey to Jita to buy items if these items are available closer to them at a higher price.

The journey to becoming a trillionaire

Eden Trade takes us through 2019 to today, showing the ups and downs.  How he initially had investors that have since all been repaid.

Always exciting to listen to the point where a business model is bedded down enough to gather momentum on its own.

Eden Trade information

Eden Trade has his own youtube channel and discord server.

He is also an investor on the Oz Tank show (a show where Eve players pitch ideas, whether content of investment ideas, to trillionaires who then decide how much to contribute.

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