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Sunday 15 October 2023

Plex / Omega deal - 3 months is great value

For the first time in a long time the 1 month Omega cost has been discounted from 500 Plex to 350 and the 3 month Omega cost also discounted from 1200 to 1050 (it had sat on a long term discount from 1500 to 1200 previously).

This deal closes on 17 October and is available on the New Eden Store.

The cost of the other Omega times had not changed from their long term discounts.

As ever, the question is what is the best deal and the answer to that really depends on how you use your ISK in the game.

The thought process for an ingame business to decide which is the best deal

For me, i operate an ingame business and so the answer is not as clear as it may first appear to be.

For example, if i chose to buy 3 month Omega for all my 4 Omega accounts i would be spending 21bn isk vs the more usual 23bn, if no discount at all is given, 29bn.  But the calculation does not stop at comparing the 21bn cost to the other costs i would have paid.

I need to ask myself what 21bn invested into my business would have done.  Maybe the answer is just to take the 1 month deal for now, who knows.

Fortunately, i can work this out by asking myself the question of what my business would need to return each month if i decided to invest in the one month Omega each month instead of taking the 3 or 6 or 12 or 24 month deals:

The key column in the table above is the last column.  This tells my what my monthly return on my business must be to do better than taking the Omega deal.  (the working process is at the bottom of this post).

The clear winner is the 3 month deal where my business would need to do better than 51% returns each month - that is unlikely to happen.

The calculation process

What i do is compare two assumptions.  Lets use an example of the 3 month Omega deal:

If i go for it then i would spend 5.1bn isk per account vs the normal cost of 7.4bn isk, so a saving of 2.2bn isk for what is a 30% discount.

However, i must also compare this to taking that 5.1bn isk, buying a one month Omega and investing the rest in the business.  Then taking buy the next month Omega the following month from the profits and so on until the end of month 3.  For this to be a better use of the isk i need to work out what the monthly return needs to be - in this case for the 3 month Omega it is 51% each month.

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