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Sunday 3 December 2023

Platinum Starter Pack Offer for 48 hours - great deal, 3 months Omega for free.

If like me you Plex your account and tend to take the three month Omega deal for 1200 Plex then this offer is a great deal.

The deal

Only one per account.

In the new Eden Store (accessed ingame) there is an offer for the Platinum Starter Pack.

It costs you 1501 Plex.

It gives you:
3x 30 day Omega
10x Skill Extractors
2x Multiple Pilot Training
650,000 skill points
a number of skins and suits
1x Expert 'boost' Cerebral Accelerator (this activates immediately on the character that bought the deal, +10 to all learning attributes, lasts for 10 days)

The numbers

Plex is currently selling for 5m, so the cost of the deal is 1501x5.032 = 7.553bn

costing up what i get:

  • 3 months of Omega i can get for 1200 Plex in the New Eden Store = 1200 x 5.032 = 6.038bn
  • I am ignoring the 2 months of Multiple Pilot Training because i don't normally Skill Farm
  • 10 Skill Extractors can be sold for around 400m each = 10x400 = 4bn
  • And for now lets ignore the Skill Points
  • The Skins and Suits come to a few sundry millions

So, the Deal gives me 10.2bn worth of items.

Or, put it another way, if i sold the Extractors i would get 3 months of omega for (6.038-4.0) = 2bn isk and then on top of that 2 Multiple Pilot Training Certificates and 650,000 skill points.

If i then skill farmed and assumed i would make 37.5 skill points per minute per character then i would get 37.5 x 60 x 24 x 30 x 2 = 3,240,000 skill points.  That gives me 6 skill extractors to fill (at 500,000 skill points each).  Each Skill Extractor makes a profit of around lets say 400m = 2.4bn.

and that then covers the rest of the cost of the Omega.  In other words, i get 3 months Omega for Free.

And some fancy pants suits and skins.  And 650,000 Skill Points to advance my training character.  And what ever was left from the Multiple Pilot Training certificates that i could not put into an extractor.

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