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Thursday 22 February 2024

The latest Platinum Starter Pack deal on the New Eden Store is a winner

As detailed in the New Eden News there is a range of new Starter Packs for a limited time.

The summary of the below: means that for a 10bn outlay you are either getting 500k skill points and 2 MCTs for free or you are getting 90 days Omega at half price.

Each starter pack can only be purchased once per Account but they are new - hence, if you purchased a Platinum Start Pack a few months ago you can still now purchase this one.

What do you get?

For the Platinum Pack, it costs 2000 Plex and you get:
  • 90 days Omega
  • 2 x MCT Certificates
  • Specialist 'Boost' Cerebral Accelerator
  • 500,000 Skill Points
  • 10 x Skill Extractor
  • Golem State Police SKIN
  • Paladin Imperial Jubilee SKIN
  • Leshak Metamateria Exotica SKIN
  • Vargur Yoiul Star SKIN
  • Kronos Caille Neon SKIN
  • Charon Vitalshift EGO SKIN
  • Orca Capsuleer Elite XIX SKIN

It is not as good a deal as the Platinum Pack deal in November where the Pack costs 1500 Plex and you got 650k Skill Points but it still makes sense.

Lets ignore the skins and focus on the rest.

I Omega my accounts so any deal that allows me to buy Omega at or below market prices and get something for free gets my attention.

Alternative 1

The cost of 2000 Plex at 5m isk per Plex is 10bn.

90 days Omega currently costs 1200 on the New Eden Store, which would cost 6bn isk today.

If you chose to sell the 10 Skill Extractors right now to Buy Orders in Jita you would get 10 x 467m x (1-3.6%) =  4.5bn isk after taxes.

Hence, the 90 days Omega + the 10 Skill Extractors comes to 10.5bn isk vs the 10bn isk cost to buy the Pack . . . . . . which means  the 500k Skill Points and 2 Multiple Character Training Certificates are in for free

Alternative 2

The cost of 2000 Plex at 5m isk per Plex is 10bn.

if my characters earn 37.5 skill points per minute then over 30 days my 2 characters that use the MCTs will earn 37.5 x 60 x 24 x 30 x 2 = 3.2m.  Add in the 500k skill points also given = 3.7m extra skill points.  That requires 7 Skill Extractors to convert those to 7 Large Skill Injectors and then leaves me with 3 remaining Skill Extractors.

If i sold those Skill Injectors and Extractors to Jita Buy Orders today i would get (7x838x(1-3.6%)) + (3x467x(1-3.6%)) = 7bn isk after taxes.

That therefore means i would be getting 90 day Omege for 3 bn isk vs the normal price of 6bn isk.  So 90 day omega at half price.

Alternative 3

This one is for old characters that are in alpha status but can still achieve 37.5 skill point per minute when put into Omega Status.

Fire these characters back up again, apply the 3 month Omega and 2 MCTs and you effectively get 5 months of Skill Farming = 5 x 37.5 x 60 x 24 x 30 = 8.1m skill points.  Actually you get (4.9m + 1.6m + 1.6m over the 3 characters in the Account).  Add in the 500k Skill points to change that to 5.0m + 2.0m + 1.6m.

That takes 17 Skill Extractors to create 17 Large Skill Injectors.  Therefore you would need to buy 7 Skill Extractors from Jita Sell Orders

Selling those to Buy Orders in Jita gets ((17x838x(1-3.6%)) - (7x492) = 10.3bn

So, at 37.5 skill points per minute there is a very small 300m profit to be made.

If you were maxed out you could achieve 45 skill points a minute which means you make 20 Skill injectors and need 10 Skill extractors = 11.2bn isk, or a 1.2bn isk profit.


I bought the starter pack for each of my four Omega accounts.  I am likely to take the Alternative 2 route.  So 40bn outlay will generate me 28bn isk from Skill Farming and means i would have bought my normal 3 month Omega for all four Accounts for 12 bn instead of 24 bn isk.

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