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Saturday, 31 August 2013

New additional account started

Well, here it is.

My Jita alt that is currently buying items to sell in Dodixie and Hek has now enough Industry skills to start manufacturing items for sale – nothing big at the moment, but lets get the ball rolling to learn the ropes.

Hence, i am starting a new account to replace the Jita alt as it seeks pastures new to manufacture from.

My first account has:
  • an alt selling items at Dodixie
  • an alt selling items at Hek
  • and an alt that is about to go down the manufacturing route

For the new account, the new alt did the starting tutorials – took 2 nights, came away with 6.9m ISK (this time i reprocessed all the spare ships and items and then sold them).

It joined my corp  (Ironforge Commerce Guild) to give access to the corp wallet – makes managing ISK and contract hauling easier.

And then fly off to Jita to resume its role as the buyer of items to contract haul to my sellers in Dodixie and Hek.

I upgraded the account with a Plex bought in the training station which cost me 550m ISK.  And given i took the 21 day trial on offer on this blog my main char gets a free 30 days extra time.

After that I am now committed to purchasing a Plex every 30 days.  Furthermore, once my main account time runs out at the end of October I will be committed to buying 2 Plex's every 30 days to play Eve for free (which is what every business player in Eve should be able to do).  Hence at present I will be spending 550m ISK per month and then 1.1bn ISK per month from November onwards.

Every player that wants to play Eve for free and starts an additional account should use the "buddy invite" system to themselves free extended game time.  Quite simply:
  • from your account on the internet send a buddy invite (its a url linked to your account that can be sent by email or copy and pasted much like the link on my blog to the right)
  • use this url to start your new account (do not start your new account first) - that gets the 21 day free trial
  • when the new account upgrades with Plex (which it has to buy in game) for the additional 30 days your main account will be awarded a Plex which can be used for an additional 30 days for your main account
  • depends how you want to look at this - either you have 51 days free game time on the new account or 21 free days and 30 free days on your main account

And of course i can multibox – Eve parlance for having both of my accounts open at the same time – i.e. two characters playing at once.  Does make my computer work for a living though!

At present, I plan to train this new alt in the role of Inventor - but plans can change easily!

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