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Sunday 1 September 2013

Mindlink Prices – should they be in freefall?

I am away for a few days on business so it will be interesting to see how this has progressed once i come back given the new Odyssey patch comes in during when i am away.

Merchant Monarchy, which is a great ISK making blog, made a good spot at the beginning of August concerning the potential for Mindlink prices to crash and a reminder that the new expansion starts next week.

In the last game i played, World of Warcraft, patch notes were keenly read and in most cases market prices started to move very quickly.  Not so in Eve Online it appears.

As MoxNix over at Merchant Monarchy points out the MiningForeman link should be hardest hit.  It current sells for 1.0 – 1.4bn in the main trading hubs.  Infact, it was a great little earner buying in Jita to sell in Hek.

The image below shows the key paragraph and the this links through to the patch notes:

In summary, the Mindlinks will be available at the Concord LP stores for 20,000 Concord LP + 20m ISK which MoxNix equates to about 60-80m ISK.  Compare that to the current price of Mining Foreman Mindlinks which sell for over 1bn ISK and we can see where the prices could head in a hurry.
The players that download the patch the quickest can buy the links to satisfy the buy orders which themselves are sitting at over 1bn ISK and these lucky few will make a killing.  Yesterday a quick look at Eve-Central at the Mining Foreman Mindlink shows 24 Mining Foreman Mindlink Buy orders posted at over 900m ISK in the main trading hubs.  That was almost 20bn ISK before broker fees and taxes up for grabs.  Now there are only 6 Buy orders in the main trading hubs over 900m ISK though plenty more over 500m ISK – so still more to go for but feels like the price crash is starting?
However, assuming this analysis is correct then the prices should be already falling faster?
In Jita there is a clear but steady downward price decline that is now gathering pace:
In Dodixie prices are falling but quite slowly, gathered steam recently:
In Hek prices are showing a slow downward trend, signs of gathering speed:


  1. Trained up for and bought my first orca last saturday. Skipped buying the mindlink because I don't have the isk for it but reading this that might change soon.

    1. well, they are currently selling for 55m ISK in Jita now! Looks like your plan to hold off was the correct move to make.