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Friday, 20 December 2013

Status update on my Eve business

At present i have 2 traders: 1 in Dodixie and 1 in Hek.

I have 1 manufacturer in Lonetrek which, helpfully enough, is one jump out of Jita.

and i have 1 inventor in Amarr.

I log on twice a day and spend about 30 to 45 minutes a day logged in.  I focus on slow moving but high profit margin items.

In the first instance i go through my Dodixie, Hek, Jita and Amarr locations to determine what has been sold and therefore what i need to manufacture and buy from Jita to haul to those locations.  I then buy the items from Jita or pick up the prior nights manufactured items and put them in a contract to haul to Dodixie / Hek / Amarr.

A few hours later i log on to update my sell orders and put the hauled items on to sell (i do "rush jobs" which generally are delivered within 3 hours).

The Inventor: has yet to really do anything and i am hoping when i get back from xmas i can start to get this one going.  I have not yet decided whether it is going to invent blueprint copies to allow my manufacturer to capture more of the upside in T2 manufacturing or whether it will invent blueprint copies to sell itself.

The Manufacturer: is making me about 3-6bn ISK profits per month on T1 manufacturing.  In total, spread over sell orders in Jita (posted by my manufacturer itself), in Amarr (sell orders posted by the inventor), in Dodixie and Hek (sell orders posted by the traders there) i have c20bn ISK of sell orders of T1 items manufactured to sell.  Whilst they are low volume sales they are very high margin.

I only manufacture items as they are needed - i.e. if the Trader in Hek runs out of an item to sell then only then will the manufacturer produce the items overnight and have them hauled to the Hek trader the next day as part of the daily haul from Jita to Hek.

Each day i see what needs to be manufactured, buy the raw materials from Jita and make the one jump trip to my manufacturing base and start the manufacturing process.  The next day i haul the finished items 1 jump back to Jita and contract them to my corporation.  My Buyer alt in Jita then picks them up and adds them to the hauling contract to send to the traders in Dodixie or Hek, or my Inventor in Amarr to put on to sell.

The Traders: located in Dodixie and Hek are making about 5bn ISK profit per month between them.  This is what i have been doing from the beginning.  I look to buy items in Jita (from sell orders) and then post them to sell in Dodixie and Hek, trying to make at least 20% profits.  I contract out the hauling to Push Industries and i do "Rush Jobs" every time.  Spending 23 to 30m ISK to haul items in typically 3 hours allows me to post the items to sell that night as opposed to only spending 800k ISK but taking 3 days.

The buyer: is always the current alt with no skills and next to be trained up.  Right now it is waiting its turn from when the Inventor finishes its training.  Not yet decided what it will do.

I have an empty character slot which i suspect will either become a Trader at Rens or takeover the Amarr trading slot once my Inventor leaves to find a permenant home.  I need 2 spare evenings to get it through the starting tutorials etc.

All my alts are in the same corporation - it makes it easier to haul items around (deliveries are made into the corporation delivery and so any of my alts in the delivery base can pick up the items.

And i have rented my first corporation office in Lonetrek as an experiment.  Was meant to store my blueprints to allow my Inventor easy access to them before it went off to Amarr.

So far this month, as of 20 December i have made 11.2bn ISK which suggests that i could make 17.4bn ISK in December - which is unlikely given i will be away for several of the remaining days.  But i can dream.

My total wealth, including my standard 20% provision (reducing the value of my sell orders by 20%) is now over the key 50bn ISK mark.  Not bad, if i may say so.

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  1. Hello, rly nice blog. Your application of economics knowledge are very pratical. Keep blogging ;)


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