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Sunday, 1 December 2013

(Another) big blunder in my favour

again, i have been on the lucky end of a blunder!

When i log on i always take a quick look at he sales i have made.  Today i noted that i had sold the Black Ops skillbook for 595m ISK, which did seem a rather a high amount.

Upon checking the market, my suspicions were confirmed:

I was selling the Black Ops skillbook for 69.9m ISK.

Hence, looking at the above, it would appear that the buyer had meant to put in a buy order for 59,500,001 ISK but instead did not in one too many zeros and hit my sell order (which must have been the lowest at the time) for 595,000,001 ISK.

I suspect it was this way round rather than missing the decimal place given that would have bought my item for 5.95bn ISK!

And just to prove that this happens to us all, this player had been playing since 2007.


  1. Seriously people this is why you hit tab after entering a price in your orders. It fills in the thousand separators and makes things much easier to check.

  2. been a lot of market failblog here. wouldn't mind reading about something other than mistyped orders, they were rather good reads :)

    1. heh - good point, just needing to find time to write them up!