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Sunday, 15 December 2013

Plodding on

I am back from a week away from Eve again.

Not much to report.

During my week away, my wealth rose by 2bn ISK - somewhat less than i hoped but still not bad for a full 6 days without updating any orders.

I have done some tidying up.  All items i am selling that make a profit of less than 5m ISK are now put in a folder called "small deals".  I will monitor those items but i am unlikely to sell them going forwards - i want to focus on the greater ISK profit items.

Now in Amarr: Amarr looks like a good place to sell my manufactured items as well as in Jita, Dodixie and Hek.  Hence my manufacturer is now producing the items at full speed and i expect to be having them all hauled to Amarr in the next day.

My next plan is to start the final alt on my second account and place it in Rens to sell my manufactured items as well.  Perhaps this will be in place before the end of the year.

Starting Invention: I also need to look more into Invention.  My invention alt is perhaps as good as trained enough to get me started - but my knowledge is very thin on the ground.

But to start, i will copy one of the blueprints i have just to see how it all works.  I will try to invent a Viator by using a Nereus blueprint copy.  In all, this will likely take me 3 days to get all done.

Renting a Corporation Office: And, to allow me to easily swap blueprints between my manufacturer and my inventor i have decided to rent a Corporation office in Lonetrek for 6m ISK per month (though i suspect this will start to rise given there are very few offices left in this station to rent).

The first thing i noticed is that whilst Invention Slots are not hard to find, Copying slots are very thin on the ground!


  1. Hey Croda,

    Been following your blog for a while.
    Invention being my bread & butter, I thought I could give one or two advice.

    As much as inventing / manufacturing ships looks awesome, I strongly recommend getting your feet wet with modules. Inventing ships require quite the ISK input and you will have to use decryptors which is a lot harder for beginners (in terms of making best profit) than modules which you can invent at ME -4 / PE -4 and still make tons of ISK.

    You already saw for yourself that copying in hisec is not possible to feed an inventing character. You will either have to copy in lowsec or get a small POS for your character. It should let you use 3 Labs for copying and inventing, cutting a lot of time at the cost of Fuel (~ 150m per month)

    If you want to have a chat regarding invention / POS / whatever, feel free to get in touch.


    1. thanks for that Dagreed. I suspect I will be looking you up ingame!

  2. Hi Croda,

    i used to get all my BPCs from a blueprint copy-service. The guy is very reliably and fast. This is his website:

    Otherwise you could also put your invention alt into my private corp and do copying and invention in my high sec pos. I only use it for ME/PE research these days, so the copy and invention slots are open anyways.


  3. If you need copy blueprints and don´t want to set up your own POS than I can recommend to use the outposts in the providence region. As long you haven´t attacked anyone there you can dock for a docking fee at every outpost.