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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

A collection of useful youtube videos for making ISK

The links below are to youtube videos that I have found helpful in my quest to make ISK.


Draze Swift Products has a good long 1hr 20mins video on station trading in his Eve online Videos in this play list.

A good Station Trading video from TubravTV

Three trading videos from Caleb Ayrania in this play list.


Pretty much all Eve online videos by andrewthered1 in this play list.

A manufacturing video from delonewolf

A Tech 2 manufacturing guide from speedytuning1 and some further manufacturing videos in his playlist

General business / industrial activities

A 20 minutes video by delonewolf talking about how he made his ISK

A general ISK making video by KensCrazyGaming on how he makes his ISK

In amongst all these videos, there are some good ISK making
videos from SeamusDonohueEVE

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