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Sunday, 10 November 2013

A week away - not too much of a dent

I came back from a trip that kept me away from Eve for 5 nights and my wealth had increased by 1.6bn ISK (=183m ISK per day) to 32.3bn ISK.  I considered that a good result.

Good sales came from across my alts in Dodixie and Hek (my Regional traders) and my manufacturing alt sitting in Jita.

My Manufacturing Alt is expanding its operation.  It can now have 11 items in production at any one time and it is selling 26 items for good profit margins.  As an experiment I am looking into selling into new Regions to see how that goes.  I am now training this alt up on Space Ship command.  I suspect in time this will be the alt I use to transport items around where I am unable to use third parties.

My Research Alt in Jita, which currently acts as my buyer for my traders in Dodixie and Hek, is moving towards the end game in getting up to speed to start Invention.  To be honest, I could have gone down this route 3 weeks ago but RL is taking up too much time.  This alt is now learning Mechanics 5 and will then learn CPU Management to level 5 (the old Electronics skill) before seeking a place to call home to do Invention.  I expect to do that towards the end of November or early December.  And of course I have purchased another Plex to finance this account for a further 30 days.

In readiness for that day I am starting a new alt - given I will be away for several periods during November it could take a while for me event to complete the starter missions!

Whilst I have found some more expensive items to sell via by traders in Dodixie and Hek my biggest issue remains that I have almost 9bn uninvested ISK in my wallet which is acting as a drag to my growth in wealth.

I only spend 30 to 45 minutes per weekday on Eve - hence I am looking for new items to sell or projects that can use up this ISK for a good return with minimal effort on my behalf.

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