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Wednesday 27 November 2013

A big blunder in my favour

Seems blunders cut both ways . . . . . doubtless i will be “repaying” this blunder back at some point in the future!
I logged on and noticed that my Dodixie trader had made sales of 2.4bn since i last checked and the biggest single sale was a Pith A-Type Explosive Deflection Field which sold for 1.55bn ISK.

Upon investigation, i discovered that the sales price for this item was actually only 34m ISK where as the best buy order was sitting at 15.5m ISK.

Hence, what happened here i suspect is that the Buyer meant  to put on a buy order for 15.5m ISK but added an extra “0” into the order and so created a buy order for 1.55bn ISK - and therefore bought one of my sell orders where was up for a mere 34m ISK.  Painful.
And just to add to the matter – the character that bought the item had been playing since September 2008!

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