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Sunday, 19 January 2014

A rule forgotten, a lesson learned

When i started in my Eve businesses i had a golden rule: never haul cargo over 100m ISK.  The idea here is that anything over 100m ISK made a me a potential target.

Well, as my manufacturing business got up and running i became lazy and was happily hauling 2bn ISK of raw materials out of Jita to my manufacturing facilities.

Until i got caught and killed by a 80m ISK Tornado at the beginning of December (2013).  Fortunately for me i only had 700m ISK in my cargo that time (i was lucky).

So, lesson learned.

I have now skilled up a tanked Nereus and made an instant undock bookmark, several instant undock bookmarks infact.

Thank you to ABM Rambo for the advice (and taking the time to enlighten me).


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  2. Blockade Runners are all I use for transport now. In a bit over a year, I've lost exactly one and that one was to a low sec station camp I knew was there but decided to try crashing anyhow.

    Other than that I frequently fly 10-20 jumps on autopilot through hi sec with cargo values that gankers would drool over. And they ignore me because they can't see what I'm carrying. =)

  3. +1 to what MoxNix said. Blockade Runners (that cloak, importantly) are highly recommended.

  4. I rly like your blog, and i think you doing great.
    On topics, I also use a Blockde Runner (Viator) for transport almost always on autopilot and only lost one because of a low-sec gate camp.
    You could also Buy a Pilot on forums that use Blockade Runners or Freighters and save some time.