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Saturday, 27 September 2014

Account expiry embarrassment

I finance my account with Plex and therefore i get the monthly email reminding me to renew my subscription.  Which i forgot about.  And i also forget about the one reminding me i have 19 hours left.

I log in 4 hours overdue.  Account expired, can't get in.  Clearly i am my own worst enemy.

Annoyingly, in my corporation hanger in Jita are 72 Plex.

My solution:
  • I get an alt from another account (which had not expired) to fly to Jita
  • I buy a Plex (i could have just taken one from the corp hanger in Jita)
  • Activate it
  • and "Donate 30 days of game time" to my alt in the expired account

I was not able to do this from a Plex in the corp hanger unless i was in Jita - hence the need to at least fly over there.

I may have been able to move one from the corp hanger to an alt hanger in Jita and Donate it remotely - but i did not try that.

Needless to say, when the reminder email came the next month - i renewed immediately!

I have labelled this under "blunder".


  1. Could you not use the hours for plex feature? I believe its designed for these very circumstances.

    1. ah, yes - I could not find it at the time.

  2. A few things

    1. Evemon starts giving warnings when you're a week from expiry. Until you renew you'll get a warning every time you start Evemon plus every time it refreshes API data while running. Makes it a lot harder to forget.

    2. You can use PLEX in from anywhere, don't even have to be in the same region. I do it often with some PLEX way out in the depths of lo sec. I just hang onto it until an account needs a PLEX, contract it to the character that needs it and use it.

    I never tried using "donate 30 days of game time", using a PLEX in a corp hanger and I've never had an account expire (yet!).

    3. See Ezra's comment above.

  3. And don't but PLEX in Jita. Hek, Rens and even Dodi sells significantly lower

  4. As Ezra pointed out there is a Hours for Plex option on the account management page that allows you 4 hours of game time expressly for the purpose of re-activating a subscription that is expired without having to pay. You can find the Hours for Plex option listed at the top of the menu under game time on the account management page.

  5. You can also "reverse redeem" a PLEX so that it is available from the account management website but not in-game. That should allow you to add game time without logging in the client. I keep one such PLEX on each account, although I have not (yet) had occasion to try adding game time from it.

  6. Have you had any thoughts about a return to wow now that Warlords of Draenor is about to drop?

    1. I suspect I am done with WoW - prefer the economy in Eve.