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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

A new out-of-game market browser.

With the new Crest data feeds coming on-stream (which will most likely stop cache scrapping*) a new web browser version of the Eve Online market place was brought to my attention**

It is at Tycoon and it looks a very complete source of market information - though I am still in the process of testing this.

The layout is very similar to the ingame layout.

So far:

  • It is perhaps the most complete data set i have seen
  • I am not sure, though, when the data updates.  For example, i can see that some of my recent orders are not shown

Unfortunately, it crashes my first generation iPad so I am restricted to using it on the PC.

But i am liking what i see so far.

*technically cache scrapping is against the EULA but a blind eye has been turned where the cache scrapping is not considered an exploit etc

**I can't actually remember who brought this to my attention but I am pretty sure it was one of the great weekly market videos by Lockefox at the Eve-Prosper Blog


  1. Missing region G-R00031 ;)... not exposed by Crest I guess?

  2. Something similar will be in the next version of Evernus or the version after that. I'm planning on adding a per item market analysis like Prosper.

  3. That's a very nice browser. Next thing would be a way to autocompare prices between regions or perhaps a way to checkbox regions and show them all in the same window.

    Those serpentis guns are overpriced in dodixie...