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Thursday, 1 January 2015

am i being a bit thick here? - Item Hanger to Market Delivery Hanger

So, given my alts are in my own Corp (makes shifting ISK and items around my trading hubs much easier) each alt has its own Item Hanger and the Corp Market Delivery Hanger, as shown below:

As a reminder, if my alt buys from the market or accepts items from a contract or has a courier contract set up to bring items to him then those items are put in its "Item hanger".

Alternatively, if i do any of the above but use my Corp Wallet then the items are put in the "Market deliveries" hanger.  I can set up contracts to haul from "Market deliveries" hanger to another "Market deliveries" hanger.

The advantage of items being in the "Market deliveries" hanger is that any of my alts can access them to set up contracts, for example.

For example, when i buy items in Jita to be hauled to Dodixie i use my Corp Wallet and so the items go into the "Market deliveries" hanger in Jita.  I then set up a contract with Push Industries to haul to Dodixie.  When that courier contract is completed the items are put into my "Market deliveries" hanger in Dodixie and so my Dodixie alt can access them immediately.  I don't have to log on my Jita buyer to contract the items to by Dodixie alt.

Now, this is my question.  How can i easily transfer items from the "Item Hanger" to the "Market deliveries" hanger?

The only way i know how is to set up an "item transfer" contract with my own Corp and then log in with another alt to accept it on behalf of the Corp - i can't have the alt that set up the contract accept the contract.


  1. You are not being thick at all. Its a very one way hangar.

  2. There is a way. You have to put up a "fake" sell order that meets the following conditions:
    * use your corporate account
    * duration: immediate
    * price: higher than the maximum fillable buy order

    Once you click "sell", the sell order fails and the item(s) end up in your "Market Deliveries" without any fees.

  3. For sure corporation owner, and for sure there is a setting for this.
    Open corporation assets, choose Deliversies.
    Right click on item you want to pass from Market Deliveries, and choose deliver to. Then select toone you want.

    1. does this work going the other way, i.e. from member hanger to Delivery hanger?

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. As far as i know, that's the only way you can do remotely. From personal assets you can not move stuff, not even if you have office at this station.
      Moving stuff to 'Market deliverables' is not possible at all, it's one way store.