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Sunday, 4 January 2015

Some nVidia Graphics Cards struggling

If you are like me and have a humble GeForce GTX 260 then you may be struggling when you go through some warp gates.

My screen starts glitching, flashing and eventually gives out.  The screen then goes off and then comes back on again with the message "Nvidia display driver has stopped working and has recovered".

Well, the player "IBIS BANDIT MASTER" over at the Eve Forums has found a temporary solution: it appears that if the Shader on turned down the "Low" then that will solve the problem.

Indeed, back in 2012 there was a similar problem with a similar solution.

To turn the "shader" to low:

1. Press the escape key to bring up the Settings Window
2. Select the "Display & Graphics" Tab (it is on the far left)

3. On the right hand side, Set the "Shader Quality" to "Low"

Works a charm for me.

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