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Monday, 25 January 2021

Eve Economy Website updated for December monthly data

The Eve Economy website has been updated for the December monthly economic data released by CCP.

Frustratingly, the data for the large battles at the end of December (took place in M2-XFE system) can only been seen in the daily data but not the regional data nor in the killdump data.

The pdf chartbook on the home page has 241 slides covering:
  • Section 1: Daily data from 2012 onwards
  • Section 2: Wealth in the Eve Economy
  • Section 3: Top level Regional Data
  • Section 4: Discrepancy charts - showing that the daily data is not reconciling with the monthly Regional data
  • Section 5: Regional data for each region from 2016 onwards
  • Section 6: Faucets and Sinks
  • Section 7: Discontinued Sinks and Faucets
  • Section 8: Economic Indices
  • Section 9: Interesting observations
  • Section 10: State of PVP
  • Section 11: State of PVP by Region

The chart pack looks at each and every region, including regions that have been and gone.

i will look to make posts on each of the main features of what i see but the summary snap shot is that:

  • Incursions are taking over as the main source of ISK coming into the game
  • The economic recession continues judging by the falling ISK leaving the game for Merchants and Industrialists (less tax to me means less activity)
  • High end and Low end mineral prices are rising fast
  • Planetary Interaction prices are falling fast

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