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Wednesday, 6 January 2021

Triglavians at the Perimeter Gate

A short post but something for Business players to be aware of.

Delone Wolf, the creator of the excellent weekly Eve Talk youtube show has just posted a 15 minute clip of the Triglavians at the Perimeter-Jita warp gate.

Aggressively attacking and destroying players, Delone Wolf only just managed to get away the first time.

Finds the wormhole which is due to last only a few days.


  1. I am sure this sort of thing amuses CCP - but it is another aspect of the game which is not fun and not easy to avoid.

  2. Yep. I actually almost got popped by trigs with a high sec DED running ship, I'd say maybe 7j out of jita.

    Had it been popped, I maybe would have not tried that type of content in quite a while. Though I could see this being a deterrent for a newbie players, as there literally is no way to avoid this without some deeper knowledge of how stuff works.

    I've read that you _could_ go into povchen with a filament and kill some NPCs (rogue drones I believe) there that will increase your standings with BOTH Edencom and Trigs. So if your standings are zero with both factions, you'll have positive faction standings with both. May look into this in the upcoming weeks, try it out with some filaments to povchen and a T3D.