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Thursday, 28 January 2021

Monthly Economic Report - A focus on Faucets

In my Eve Economy website i like to chart all the data as a time series to see what the trends are.

The Sinks and Faucets data is quite revealing recently.  In this post i will focus on the Faucets

When we talk Sinks and Faucets, we are talking about isk leaving and entering the game.  Not isk exchanged between players.

So, a bounty from completing a mission is isk "created" and so entering the game whereas selling Plex or Ore on the market and is merely isk transferring from one player to another even though the asset in these cases was "created".

Firstly, a look at the overall ISK flows
the chart below shows the components of isk entering and leaving the game.

Top left chart = monthly inflows (faucets) of isk from February 2016 to December 2020

Middle left chart = monthly outflows (sinks) of isk from February 2016 to December 2020

Bottom left chart = monthly net inflows (faucets less sinks) of isk

Top right chart = the 'active isk delta' from February 2016 to December 2020.  This is defined as (ISK on characters returning to EVE) - (ISK on characters leaving EVE) - (ISK removed from characters by CCP)

Middle right chart = the resulting net flows of isk for each month.

Bottom right chart = is the total isk in the game from February 2016 to December 2020.

The main observation here for this post is that the isk inflows for December are continuing a short term declining trend seen since but remain at reasonable levels.

Looking at the main sources of the inflows

This is where is gets interesting, the chart below shows the six main sources of inflows.

Watch the y-axis, each chart has its own scale.

The top left chart is the monthly inflows from Bounty Prizes which used to be the largest single inflow of isk whereas the middle left chart shows the monthly inflows from Commodity sales (loot sold to NPC buy orders) and the bottom left chart shows the monthly inflows from Incursions.

Bounty Prices have collapsed to below levels seen at times in 2019 whilst the ongoing rise of Commodity sales and Incursion flows have now put Commodities (loot sold to NPC buy orders) as the largest inflow with no sign of a slow down and Incursions as the close third.

Looking at the charts, there does seem to be a decent relationship between Incursion and Commodity flows.

The main observation here is that Bounty Prices have collapsed whilst Commodity and Incursion inflows continue their rise.

Insurance payments are up (top right chart), in part due to the large battles in December, but for me also demonstrates that activity in PVE / PVP is not declining but merely moving from Bounties to Incursions.

The middle and bottom charts on the right are the agent mission rewards and to me this looks inline with prior months over time and again indicates to me that PVE activity is holding up.

In summary, to me, the charts do not indicate a decline in PVE activity but merely a shift from one type to another.

Other sources of isk inflows

Other sources of inflows are below, they don't really touch the sides so hardly worth a direct comment.

Nice to see Project Discovery make a come back over the last few months.

Lets keep an eye on this new source of isk inflow - Structure Modules.  Four months old but not even a trillion yet.

Discontinued sources of isk

For completeness, i have included charts of prior sources of isk inflows that no longer exist.  Nothing more to say here

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