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Thursday, 11 February 2021

Markets seem very slow

My current business in Eve is to buy items from Jita Sell Orders and have them couriered to Dodixie and Amarr to put up as Sell Orders.

I take a 25% margin and about 10% of that margin is eaten up by courier costs + Broker Fees + Sales Taxes.

And it works well.

But recently the market is slow

However, the last month of January and the first week or so of February have been very very slow.

At this rate, i will only make 4.5bn isk profits in February which is more than enough to cover the Omega time (i have just bought the 500 Plex tonight) but otherwise will be not much better than my first full month since i restarted in August 2020.


Some have suggested the war going on has taken pilots away from kitting their own ships to rely on the ships given to them.

Others have suggested a post Christmas slowdown.

I honestly don't know the answer but i look forward to the January and February economic data to see if we can see overall what i am feeling at my level.

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