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Sunday, 14 February 2021

youtube channel - The Oz Report

I am always on the look out for youtube, or other media, channels that update frequently and which focus on the business side of Eve Online.

To that end, i recently came across The Oz Report.  It is a weekly, sometimes more frequent, 15 minute review on what the presenter is doing in the Eve markets to make ISK.

Occasionally we get a 45 minute video.

Its different to Eve Talk in that it tends to focus on one part of the market at a time.

What i really like about it is that the presenter goes into good detail about why he is buying or selling or investing in the items in focus.  You don't have to listen far into an episode to realize that he knows what he is talking about and likely has a background in economics or finance.

And what brings this all home is that you see his process in action and therefore you are free to use all or some or none if it, as you choose.

It is also clear that the presenter has a good amount of Eve knowledge and therefore is able to take events within Eve and link them to expected movements of prices to come.

So you are getting the full story - the fundamentals on why the item or group of items look interesting, the chart technicals on why now is a good time to Buy / Sell / Invest and you see the presenter in action making the moves.

Tucked away in his videos are decent length guides on what tools he uses and how and identifying the best trades and more.

Much like the Strange Net videos, for me this is one where i would point players that wanted to learn how to make ISK from the markets to.

I have added it to the links on the right (Eve Trading Youtube Casts).

He also has a Discord channel and Twitch channel, details are on the youtube about page

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