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Sunday, 30 January 2022

Sales over 10bn ISK

Yesterday was the first day in January that my total sales were over 10bn ISK.

Not that i was expecting any days for sales to be over 10bn but it is a nice headline to achieve.

As a rule, i make 180m profit for every 1bn isk of sales, so 12.6bn sales increased my wealth by  2.3bn ISK.

What is doing well?

All things mining are still doing well though it is getting more competitive as more traders enter the market.  So in some areas i am already out.

I made good ISK in mining related implants and ship equipment.

However, given this is now more competitive then i suspect i enjoyed a wave and so life could be a little harder.  Who knows.

There is also a general shortage of ship equipment and so their prices are going up and players are willing to pay abnormally high prices given the shortage of supply.

Fair to say, the markets have remained strong after Christmas and so far i don't feel that it is slowing down.

Where is doing well?

All the main trade hubs are pulling their weight and some of the secondary trade hubs in Lonetrek and Tash-Murkon are doing well.  I look forward to getting the sales data at the end of the month to see where has been really strong.

How is January going?

There are two days left and this should be my second best month on record.  I should increase my wealth by over 40bn ISK.  So a long way behind the record December 2021 where my wealth rose by 50bn but nicely ahead of October 2021 where my wealth rose by 29.8bn.

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