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Thursday, 24 March 2022

The current state of play of my business


My aim is to make monthly profits after all costs of at least 10bn isk with a further aspiration to make 1bn isk profit per day (so 30bn per month).

I started This venture in September 2020 having played twice for a few years in the past.


Currently, i operate an inter-regional trading venture.  I am a Merchant.

I buy in Jita and sell elsewhere.  Almost all items are purchased in Jita from sell orders, couriered by third parties to the trading locations around Eve and put up for sale typically at a 33% mark-up.

I focus on items that may only sell once every 10 days - there is very little competition and the margins are good.  If i can sell 3% of everything i have on offer then that would be c10bn sales per day which would be 1.6bn profits per day.

I have 18 alts selling out of 13 stations mostly in highsec and 5 alts in Jita doing the buying.  3 of the accounts (9 alts) are omega, the other 3 (9 alts) alpha.

Daily Operations

Each evening i log on to all the 15 trading alt, update prices to ensure i am the lowest and work out what i need to buy.

The main trading alts in Dodixie, Amarr, Rens and Hek can take several minutes each.  The other alts typically take no more than 3 minutes, or none if it is obvious no sales have been made.

I then log onto my Jita alts, but the required items from Jita Sell orders and have them couriered to the trading location.

Each day anything between 6-16 bn isk of items are couriered from Jita which represents the daily sales reinvested back into the business.

Before i go to bed i log back onto the trading locations when the items have normally arrived and put them on to sell.


Over the last 12 months (March 2021 to February 2022) i have made 1.7 trillion ISK of sales generating an increase in wealth of 254 billion ISK after paying 27bn ISK to omega accounts.

So far, that is 22bn ISK per month of profits after all costs.  The last few months have typically been around 30bn ISK.

My current wealth stands at 301bn ISK.

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