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Sunday, 13 March 2022

Current Markets in Eve

With the real life events in Ukraine i had wondered how this would affect what i see in Eve Online:

I had expected to see the markets slowdown given the potential withdrawal of players from the game.

What i have seen is the market weaker in places but stronger in others.

Weaker sub-markets

For example, mining equipment sales for me have fallen away.  In part, because this market has become more competitive so i can't make the 25% profit margin i like.

I still make some mining equipment sales but the days of this being a noticeable part of daily sales since the changes in Eve in October 2021 is no longer the case.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, mining related blueprints are also not really selling for me.

Stronger sub-markets

That said, i am seeing good sales in ship equipment used in battles.  It feels that this has increased.

I am seeing better sales in some manufacturing items.

Shortage of supply

This is a trend that has been going on for a while but there is a shortage of supply of many of the items i sell.  It is quite common for me to be buying out all the items in Jita just to replace sales i have made across my trading locations.  These are not commonly used items but they do have nice sales rates - so being in short supply will be noticed.

These items range from mining related equipment to equipment used in battle.  I don't really deal in low value consumables so i don't have an insight into whether these shortages extend elsewhere.

As an aside, i rarely undock to carry out by business ventures so i don't have a feel to how many people are camping gates etc either.


Lets see how March turns out but so far the weaker markets have been replaced by the stronger markets.

I have had one or two days of weak sales but i have also already had three days in March where sales were over 10bn ISK and indeed one of those days came close to 20bn ISK.

It is not uncommon that one of my main trading locations does not need to be re-stocked for a day whereas since October i was always restocking each of my main locations daily (i only re-stock if the value to transport is over 1bn isk).  Maybe that suggests the markets are a little weaker.  Lets see.

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